Scientists realized that humans emit 30 to 40 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year, and with that rate expected to grow, it will ultimately devastate our way of life.
It’s no secret that the world is in a bad place right now. It has been for a long period, but with the population growth and the increased carbon emission, we might be facing an unpredictable future as a species. But climate change and the impacts that it has on Earth and the human kind are not news to us. We have known for some time now that we have to do something if we want to prolong our livelihood on this planet, at least until life on other planets is made possible if that actually is an option at all in the future. As a species, it’s in our nature to think that we always have more time and that somebody else is probably working on a solution. We always try to leave the responsibility to somebody else and we often think that our sole actions won’t make a big difference in the world. We also think that if we just planted a bunch of trees, it would be enough to save the planet from the dangerous consequences that climate change brings…
…we as humans, contribute to this greenhouse effect largely. More than 90% of the scientists from all over the world agree that the evidence that points to humans being contributors to climate change is real. Moreover, not only we are contributors, we are basically the main cause that worsens the situation more and more. We are burning large quantities of fossil fuels and cut down trees that help a lot with absorbing the carbon dioxide. With these actions, we are just sending heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere. It’s just like the link between smoking and cancer. This debate was settled back in the 1960’s when the scientists agreed after more than half a decade of research that the link existed. It’s the same with our behavior and the behavior of the climate. Statistically, scientists are even more confident that humans cause a big portion of the climate change than they are confident that smoking causes cancer!