The legend of these beautiful half-human, half-fish beings has long captivated the human population, inspiring tales of love and adventure. Appearing throughout history in the legends of many different cultures, some researchers believe there is a chance these mythical beings may have once graced the earth.
It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? That there may have once been a day where you could be out in the ocean aboard a ship only to come across a beauty in the sea, that you could lay eyes on such a magical being. However, when you consider their explanation it really does make some sense…
The legend of mermaids is believed to date back as far as the presence of human life on the planet, with cave paintings from the Paleolithic period (more commonly known as the Stone Age) depicting their presence approximately 30,000 years ago. Since that time, historians say that you can find mention of mermaids, or chimeras (half-human beings) in the writings of nearly every culture. Many of these writings were dismissed as nothing but works of fiction, however, as modern technology has allowed us to better study the past, we are discovering that there may be truth to some of the wildest tales.
Take, for example, the writings of Plato. In ‘Critias’, a dialogue that he never actually completed, the ancient Greek philosopher described Atlantis in great detail. He spoke of the buildings and gardens, hot and cold springs, and exercise facilities. Furthermore, he spoke of the people, their desire for power after attacking the Hellenic states and the fact that this would, eventually, lead to their demise. Once dismissed as nothing but a legend, new evidence has brought the discussion of Atlantis back into the spotlight as archaeologists and historians reconsider the fact that the tales of this sunken city may actually be rooted in truth.
It raises the question, where did these legends truly originate from. Especially when you consider the incredible accuracy that exists from culture to culture. Is it more likely that they all somehow created such similar legends from nothing, or that there was some factual inspiration for these tales explaining the similarities? It is this hypothesis that drives many researchers to continue combing through the evidence in the search for some tangible and irrefutable proof of these mythological beings.
While there exists no evidence of the existence of mermaids to date, there have been various sightings reported through the years, around the globe. Tourists flock to Kiryat Yam, a small Israeli town near Haifa where there have been multiple reported eyewitnesses to a mermaid in the area. They describe the being as appearing to be half little girl and half dolphin, emerging at sunset to the surprise of those in the area. The most captivating part of this tale, the fact that multiple different witnesses with no connection to one another have reported the same experience, their stories incredibly matching one another. Officials have even offered a $1 million prize to the first person to capture a photograph of the being.
Many will continue to shrug off the mermaid as nothing more than the creation of overactive minds, but so long as the evidence leaves the door open there are a number of individuals who will continue to research and explore the idea that there may be more to this legend than we realize.